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  June 26, 2022
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Machine ID 1046 Year 2010
Category Industrial Printers and Scanners (Wide Format) - Inkjet Condition New never used
Type Large Format Printer 4' x 8' Moving Gantry Region Southeast US
Manufacturer ANDI Sale Price $129900.00
Model COJET    
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Description The Anderson COJET Large Format printer takes full advantage of CNC flatbed technology and UV-curable inks to print large format graphics on coated or uncoated rigid materials. The Anderson COJET inkjet is capable of printing high resolution graphics (up to 720dpi) in color, white and translucent patterns. Vivid photographic images are easily printed on MDF, Wood, Plastic, Composites and Tile materials. Final clear coat can also be applied to achieve flat or high gloss protective coating. On-board CNC software supports all major graphic formats.

4' x 8' Moving gantry, stationary table design in a front-to-back configuration with a multi-zone Phenolic vacuum bed to allow printing of large single piece work or volume production of small workpieces.

Equipped with: 720 DPI printing head with (6) standard color ink wells and an option for (2) additional color wells; achieves photographic image quality prints; Printer uses UV curable inks to provide a consistent quick-setting finish.

Dual UV lamps are installed on either side of the printing head to cure printed areas almost instantaneously; lamp configuration allows bi-directional printing for more efficient operation.

Bed supports up 1,100 Lbs of material.

Printing head has an automatic height adjustment mechanism that accommodates material up to 2" in thickness.

Both axes powered by Servo motors and ride on linear guides & recirculating linear roller bearing with an automatic lubrication system.

ANDI CNC PC Front-End system with PC & PLC control; color monitor, large hard disk for program storage, and RS-232 interface.


Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Paul Wiedler, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (813) 444-2704
Email sales@ArchiveAndPrintEquipment.com

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