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  August 17, 2022
Data Storage Management
Industrial Optical Media Manufacturing Equipment
Industrial Printers and Scanners (Narrow Format)
Industrial Printers and Scanners (Wide Format)

NOTE: This Machine is SOLD. Click Here to View Our Full Selection of Industrial Optical Media Manufacturing Equipment - Packaging Equipment Machines or Contact Us If You Are Interested in a Similar Machine.
Machine ID 1071 Year 2002
Category Industrial Optical Media Manufacturing Equipment - Packaging Equipment Condition As taken from service
Type DMA Super Over Wrapper Automated Production Lines Region Southeast US
Manufacturer DMA Sale Price $10000.00
Model Super Wrapper    
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Description Media sizes: Quick change between VHS, CD, DVD, super-jewel, or can be converted to BD

Speed: aprox. 60 parts per minute.

Product height: 2.4" maximum height

Product size adjustment: Electronic and mechanical calibrated settings.

Size: Frame: 33" W, x 53" L, x 38" H.

Legs: Legs and castors available. Height: 30".

Connectivity: Electric, regular wall 110/220 VAC socket.

Connectivity: Pneumatic, 90 psi. 5 cfm.

Interface: Full interface for automated production lines.

Product entry: Conveyor or optional manually loaded hopper.

Product exit: Conveyor out feed. Option: see output restacker.

Film stock: 12" Diameter rolls on 3" cores

Tear tape: Option available

Cut to mark: Option for pre-printed foil.


Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Paul Wiedler, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (813) 444-2704
Email sales@ArchiveAndPrintEquipment.com

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