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  December 1, 2022
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Machine ID 1076 Year
Category Industrial Optical Media Manufacturing Equipment - Screen Printers Condition Low usage
Type Screen Printer Region Southeast US
Manufacturer Press A Print Sale Price $6695.00
Model Complete System    
Photo Slideshow
Description Brand- Press-a-Print Master Package

Includes - Precision Screen Printer and QM-7 Pad Printer

Original Price $13,500 for both

Condition-Very Good

The Precision Screen System is a totally self- contained multi-color process screen printer that has been specifically designed to take advantage of one of the most profitable business opportunities today. This system minimizes the space requirements, complexity and the initial cost of getting started in screen printing, allowing you to maximize your profits. With its advanced design and high quality construction, the Precision Screen System will meet your needs and profit-making demands, now and for years to come. The system needs only 50 sq. ft. of space to print on t-shirts, sweat shirts, sports garments, etc. You can do one to four colors (more if you have space to place the extra screens).

This system comes with:

� Removable light table and exposure module

� On Board Heater and Flash Dryer

� Micro-adjustable platen (Accepts an assortment of platen sizes)

� Tapered pin registration

� Storage shelves and drying system

� Storage area for exposure module Screen Rack with 4 screens 110 mesh.

� Precision 8� numbering kit with 10 screens

Additional Items Included:

� Complete printed manual

� Printing plates (1 Adult and 1 youth T shirt)

� Plate Paper

� Art Board with foam

� Linear Tape

� Squeegees, (2 ea. 6", 2 ea. 11" and 1 ea. 14")

� 4 new framed printing screens (mesh sizes 110

The QM-7 Transfer Pad Printing System allows even the non-experienced user to become part of the multi-billion dollar Specialty Printing Industry. You will be able to print on tens of thousands of items including: coffee cups, clocks, pens, golf balls, and even walnuts. Compose any graphic on your computer, transfer it to the plate & use it to print on almost anything with limitless possibilities.

This QM-7 pad printer comes with:

� Inkwell assembly, Mug platen, Flat printing Platen, XYR Table Assembly, Pin Registration table, inkwell liners, Ultra violet digital exposure unit, Pad Printing Owners Manuel, and CD.


QM-7 Specifications

Work Area 5' x 3', Height, 30.5", Width 20", Base Depth 14.5", Work Stations. 3, Throat Depth, 8", Print Positions, 6 ,Stroke. 2.5",

Weight. 40 lbs.

Lot of Press A Print Equipment to include; (1) QM-7 Pad Printer w/(1)exposure Unit. (1)Precision Screen System with 4 screens, other misc. accessories. Including training manuals and videos.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Paul Wiedler, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (813) 444-2704
Email sales@ArchiveAndPrintEquipment.com

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